Gigs This Week!

TAP TRADERS! Saturday, Feb. 17

Playing 6pm at this hidden gem of a tap house! 

PIKES PEAK MARKET! Sunday, Feb. 18

Come check out this funky urban market. Enjoy unique vendor and fine food. Playing 11am to 2pm.

Colorado Springs Gazette Take 10

Facebook Live Set at The Colorado Springs Gazette Take 10 Studio!

Each week our local paper features local talent and I was the featured artist for Take 10 on October 6.  Check out the performance/interview here:


Who is Mearlan?

Mearlan is not a Celtic wizard, but rather a singer/songwriter from Colorado Springs. A passionate singer, writer and guitar player, Mearlan delivers his original songs interwoven with surprising covers that guarantee a smile to your face and an ache in your heart. This is his brand of magic. 

My story

Welcome listener,

Songs give our thoughts and emotions landscapes to travel. I want people to wander trails with me and find courage, or at least a sense of humor. Music carries lyrics past our consciousness into our souls. This magical combination can shape our experiences of tragedy, love, friendship, evil, God, and beauty. We find ourselves returning to the landscapes that give meaning and solace to our lives. I hope to create many of those for my fellow travelers.

I grew up as latch-key kid in Aurora, Colorado. My babysitter through the early eighties was MTV and she inspired my visions of cool.  I was not cool.  Tall and clumsy, I stumbled through adolescence attempting to reconcile my Christian faith with rock and roll, fantasy novels, and girls.  

Around the age of fifteen I picked up a guitar and started banging out my own songs, singing them against the walls of my bedroom as if my life depended on it. Maybe it did.  A friend encouraged me to lead songs at church.  He’d put me on the stage next to him and wouldn’t plug me in until he felt I could blend a bit.  Music became a vital part of my pastoral calling after college.  I led worship bands for congregations, conferences, camps, and once even led songs from the front of a train climbing Pikes Peak.  I kept writing my own songs (many bad songs) and even formed an occasional band with friends. 

I am a songwriter taking songs into my neighborhood.  As director of the Anselm Society Arts Guild I am constantly being shaped by writers, painters, poets, visual artists, classical musicians, and other songwriters. 

Thanks for stopping by. Please take some time to listen.

Under the Mercy,